EXHIBITIONS Soroush Dabiri
21 Dec 2011 - 01 Jan 2012


We are in passage every day.
Perhaps we see an acquainted faces and looks,
just an instant, we forget our routines. Where I have seen her? We ask in a moment.
- In forgotten place, forgotten looks and forgotten history, in all routines.
But in an instant, just an instant: where I have seen her? We ask.
She is familiar, her face and looks is familiar, but forgotten familiars, forgotten looks, in an expectation of flick, only for an instant.
We are repeated in our free masons` hall, and if we find an opportunity, the concept of window can make do us to review all the forgotten pure moments.
I stand beside the window and think about looks, faces and misremember in our repeatable history as a mirror.
‘we are all the lovely forgotten looks’,
Except a flick in an instant.

S.Dabiri /2011/ Fall