EXHIBITIONSPendar Nabipour
28 Oct 2011 - 05 Nov 2011

Proverbs are important as they are very practical in Persian language.  A language for people who try to use metaphor in their speech and behavior most of the time. “Object swap” in proverbs can be identified with illustration within reading from the artwork, which is the basic cause for my set of installation series with the title “Water-full proverbs*”. This set of works is containing several installations with interactive and non-interactive works, trying to use the power of illusion within the proverbs, showing the issues lingering on Iranian minds. My reason for usage of “Water-full” completing word is to first explain the usage of water in most of the works as an element of interaction, and secondly to stress about the stinginess of the works which is as metaphoric as proverbs themselves.
* Water-full is term being used in Persian language in order to point to bold issues.