EXHIBITIONSMajid abbasi Farahani
21 Jan 2011 - 31 Jan 2011

Struggle for survival and the sin of being alive

Evolution is to alter along with duplication. Evolutionary changes lead to adaptability and generally are based on a conversion from a generation to next generation.
Darwin and Wallace have said that natural selection is the mechanism which propels the compromise evolution. Life is tough and all people cannot be successful to survive. Among all those who compete for limited sources, only those people will survive that can find the sources better than others. It is said that these persons are more qualified and overall evolution leads the competence to the maximum level.
Darwin believed that the general rule that leads to progress of all organic animates is the rule of “Duplicate! Alter! “.This rule leads to the survival of the strongest and dying of the weakest.
It seems today’s man is already on the way of such an evolution. Evolution is apparently moving forward, a moving in time and place. In a world in which we are witness of new transitions in field of science and technology, the evolution is more than ever depends on adaptability with environment and accompany with a competition for survival.
In the world of art of Mr. Majid Abbasi Farahani, we face with apes and humans which have duplicated, have altered and have stand out and they have many commonalities. Both use the technological devices. Both are strong and influence their congeners. This is a phenomenon which almost all of us know it or leastwise we are familiar with. Life, a life like living in Tehran and moving to continue living in this maze and complicated city, motorcyclists of  Majid Abbasi  are like surrounded soldiers have face to move fast, battle for survival and try to make a change in the conclusion if they can.
Alteration happen but if there have made no duplications, nothing will remain of it.
Reaching drawing and drawing by light, contrast of the subject with blank and vacuum background and also the portrait in the light boxes which have shown with fine and luminous lines, all are narration of this  life, this battle and struggling for survival which if don’t be compatible with natural selection will be doomed to destruction.

Zarvan Rouhbakhshan