17 Jun 2011 - 26 Jun 2011

These are not just any people
But these are all one person
These are not  just the body of many people
But one person
These are not just any faces
But the face of one person
These are not just the agony of many people
But all of them are the agony of a single body and a face
These are all but forgotten solitudes
These are all nothing but "I"
All these oblivions hanging on the wall are all from her who wanted to dedicate her poems to "I"
and to paint my face on her white canvas
All of these dedicated to one who lost "I", her home smells  the scent of incense.
The she wolf of the red forest that calmly passes by with a palpitating piece of meat between her teeth
And to the one who called me father though "I" never had a daughter
How can I forget these forgotten pains…?