27 May 2011 - 11 Jun 2011

Benevolent Presence

Contrary to my childhood, when I had nothing to play with, today anything possible is presented for children to play with. The whole world is fully populated with imaginary characters for children to play with, or perhaps to live with, and no longer be left alone as I was.
I used to mime the adults while playing, but today kids usually copy rather odd and unfamiliar characters which would mostly appear in “video games” they play at home or elsewhere.
-      Move along, I’ll catch you later. Take care. They might strike again. I’ll get you more ammo.
-      They have built a barrack next to the school. Bring your hand cannon with you!
Children develop these characters through time. They let them in their rooms, fight together, laugh together and cry together. And even more precisely mime their gestures, acts and expressions.
I see children around who draw things they like or even things they detest while painting. Studying these painting, it comes to my mind as if they are designed for these video game heroes to participate. It seems that children tend to prepare the world for their presence.

Attention: During my tours across the Kurdistan province, along with collecting child drawings, I have photographed relevant places i.e. schools, kindergartens, city parks, etc. The background images presented here are selected from this collection.

Mikail Rahmani
May 2012