18 Feb 2011 - 27 Feb 2011

Saeed's Drawing Book
If being a Dervish, were just with a hat or cloth
We all bought it with some money
“Yunus Emre”
As Yunus said, The word Dervish (mendicant) has a very remarkable title in
this region. Dervish explores from village to village, town to town, city to
city. He has no home, no wealth or property. A traveler, who belong to his
road. Rather than humans, he associates with the nature, trees, birds, wolf,
sun, moon and the stars.
As wandering around, he looks for himself and the origin of what he has
followed. His aim is to learn more of wisdom, and to purify his spirit from
Keeping the hands of a man, keeping his soul, is his concern, with no
thought of a reward. His Only material property in the world is just the stick
in his hand, his wearing clothes and the kashkoul (saddlebag) hanging from
his arm, but his spiritual property is priceless.
Like me, Saeed is also the son of this land, giving the title “kashkoul” to
his exhibition, is very remarkable. Saeed's kashkoul is his drawing book,
which is always with him, everywhere he goes, everything that he observes,
records as drawings and he shares them with us. his drawing book is his
heart. Somehow in his drawings, with collages and primitive prints, giving
a valuable meaning to each spot, has become as his code. It is simple and
free-standing. Almost like a poem, naive and primitive. Takes the viewer
inside, narrates the story.
Takes us to our childhood, the stories which grandmothers and grandfathers
used to tell. kashkoul of a Dervish mirrors his whole life. Rather than his
poverty, indicates his spiritual wealth. Saeed's drawing book also mirrors
him. And with this exhibition he shows his spiritual richness.
SavaƟ Çekiç
Istanbul, February 2011