EXHIBITIONSGroup Exhibition
07 Jan 2011 - 17 Jan 2011

Reality is not what it is  The title of the exhibition is “Veri-Realism” which comprises the two terms: Realism & Verism. The second term in turn, stems from verisimilitude which can be divided into two separate terms: Veri (exact) & Similis (similar), suggesting exact similitude. Realism is quite well known and needs no further explanation, however as Damian Grant puts it, the term realism seemingly free of any description in form, content or property, and with its uncontrollable flexibility is a phenomenon that people often find it more comfortable to leave it aside. The tendency of numerous descriptive terms to predicate upon “realism” in order to give sense to the whole expression shows the extent to which the term realism is limitless and unstable. Furthermore, for many reasons, various meanings and implications that can be contradictory at times lie in realism. If we were to mention all types of realism, it would make a long list, types such as Idealistic Realism, Critical Realism, Social Realism, Socialist Realism, Formal Realism, Subjective Realism, Objective Realism, Romantic Realism, Natural Realism, Naturalistic Realism, Expressive Realism, Everyday Realism, Psychological Realism, Magical Realism, Hyper Realism, Photo Realism, and many other realisms as well. All these classifications and tendencies that happen to be arbitrary and conventional came into existence in not a so distance past due to having various attitudes. However as Baudrillard states, Reality is not real any more in our time. The same is true in Art; not taking reality for certain, you can by no means be a realist. But the point is that if reality was not relative in the past, now it is believed to be. Then which reality and what realism? Is it not the case that a figurative artwork, representing the surrounding world however accurate, would just hand us a mere visual experience of the world, confined to a frame of an image which would never be identical to the real world? And is it not the case every individual’s mentality and belief would seem real to himself?   Reality is temporal. Reality is plenty. What we call reality, might either come from comparison and contemplation or from interpretation of evidence. Otherwise who could claim to know the temperature of the sun, by experience! And anyhow  we would take it all as pure reality. Reality might come to copy or might come to create; either a recreation or a total new creation from scratch. To the artist, it is generally a matter of re-creation; even if existed before, it comes to a new existence through the re-creation process. The drawn sun would never be identical to the one rising and setting all days. As Wallace Stevens says: realism is the distortion of reality.  This collection is based on figurative realism and although it was intended to gather a collection containing different types of realism in Iranian contemporary painting, we should admit it is a dream far beyond reality. 
Zarvan Rouhbakhshan