08 Oct 2010 - 18 Oct 2010

About the Plants
This is the result of research and hesitation over the outlook and retouching methods of Persian artists and painters in different historic eras; contemplation as well; in esthetic perception of painters and illustrators of archaic pharmaceutical books, who identified the plants and registered their properties .
When I intended to start painting, impressed by painters of 5 to 6 centuries (A.H.D), I concentrated on a study of pictorial elements, which was a dire need for my works.
Among quests and observations, I took notice of continuously-effective presence of the plants and floral motifs on painting, reliefs and “in principle” on all, which were connected with picture or drawing.
Focusing on works of art of those eras, such as, hand-woven, hand-knitted, stone-carving and bronze-made objects, I came near to perceive their hidden rhythm and depth of their pulchritude, consequently, another hatch was opened up and made me able to paint the plants of my environs.
Meanwhile, my preoccupation was not merely painting the plants on the basis of sheer representation whit striking resemblance; in fact, it was an approach to their essence of beauty and their shrouded secrets.
In the process of forming my works, with alteration in dimension and simplifying some forms, I retained fidelity to the forms of the plants and tried to use of colors, composition and rhythm perception of our ancients.
Extending my observation, I tried to concentrate on usage of floral motifs on implement of war, jewelry, carpets, clothing and…
On the other hand, I also studied the functions of the plants in the past and present, say; its sanctity aspects, magic and sorcery, its trace in mythology, and all of these were the cause of forming this collection.
In the process of research and fact-finding, I benefited from knowledge and guidance of my dear and sagacious friend; Mr. Aryasp Dadbeh; and I express my plenteous appreciation.
Hossein Maher