EXHIBITIONSGizella Varga Sinai
03 Dec 2010 - 13 Dec 2010

Flower Garden with Birds (Gol-o-Morgh)
 We are familiar with Gizella Varga Sinai’s works for many years.  Although she left Hungary and Europe years ago and has been living and working in Iran, nonetheless she has always kept in touch with the art of her native land and the world. In her last exhibition in Budapest and now in Siin Gallery, she presents a series of paintings with the theme of Flower Garden with Birds or “Gol-o-Morgh”, a traditional style which came from Europe to Iran many centuries ago and is still being used in many fields. It was initially used as illustrations in books, and later appeared in frescoes, walls, tiles, doors and smaller objects such as boxes and pen-holders, and finally in carpet motifs. The artist, although having studied art in Europe, has always been influenced by traditional Iranian philosophy and art styles. In this series, she uses this concept more consciously. In her paintings, we can feel a stillness and rigidness which reminds us of eternity, yet at the same time we sense the desire for an idyll which makes her work very emotional. Interwoven flowers and ornaments as well as birds play a great role in her works. For her, birds are a metaphor for liberty and imprisonment, flight and captivity, love and cruelty. What makes Gizella’s work unique for European viewers is the expression of her emotions in a traditional form. Her colors are lively and strong, yet unlike the European expressionism, in her works the tension and emotions take a meditative, decorative appearance. When looking at her works, we immediately observe the connection with the Orient, but at the same time her works belong to Europe, hence to the whole world.
Dr. Balazs Feledy Hungarian Art Writer