EXHIBITIONSMostafa Choobtarashzadeh
02 Jul 2010 - 13 Jul 2010


The people in Mostafa Choobtarash’s paintings are multipurpose beings. They are made to fight, eat and pose, and some, having indulged themselves too much, have turned into fork-headed beings or are carrying bombs in a tray!
His works are a combination of illustration, expressive painting and folkloric potentials, along with a splash of surrealistic humor and irony. They resemble Joan Miro’s sculptures in their being colorful and hybrid and in their reluctance of adopting pre-determined seriousness. At the same time, the writings and the implication of objects in his paintings highlight everyday objects or occasionally subvert their significance.

The humor in Choubtarash’s works, with all those deformed figures and doll-like beings, reveals and highlights the complex situation of our world; Bitter funny world of the grotesque, which is lively yet ambiguous.

He celebrates disorder in his art and sneers at all the abnormalities. The criminals and bullies are turned into jesters in his art, who perform in front of our eyes and in our minds.

Behnam Kamrani
Spring 2010