EXHIBITIONSMohammad Hassan Nikbakht
16 Jul 2010 - 28 Jul 2010

A restless love story!
Our time is the time where strange and ironic things happen. In countries like ours, these contradictions show themselves as places, people, and all the opposites. Past, present, inside and outside…
Mohammad Hassan Nikbakht creates peculiar and ironic but at the same time simple elements, in a pleasant and relaxed environment; Elements such as Mushrooms and brail writings (blind alphabetic figures) and a world in which delicate highlights and low lights seem never ending. The brail scripts not only contain meanings but also create embosses and points resembling the ancient signs or computers punch lines.
Mushrooms are dependent plants and their shapes also remind you of atomic explosions. The link between these two definitions would be interpreted either intellectually or just simply, but the easiness of the meaning and the trance mood of his works would have a great impact on the audience mind and remains there.
Nikbakht has replied back to all contradictions in complete peace and with open arms. Or maybe he is simply asking, a humble question…though massively tragic!
Behnam Kamrani