EXHIBITIONSNegar Yaghmaian
27 Aug 2010 - 07 Sep 2010

 A dew dropped, timely,
From the leaf
As the dragonfly
 Has flown away

Photos are everywhere. Today, we live in a world of images which are either photos or made of photos, while photos are themselves images of this world; the world we inhabit.

Among the photos surrounding us, those of nature are favorites of many photographers and the audience for many reasons.

Nothing is predictable in nature and the photographer has no control over light and nature's elements, but, through his/her experience and skill, s/he tries to choose the best lighting and composition according to the natural shapes and forms.

Nature photography, as other genres of photography, is a sort of judgment, but not of social issues or anything alike, but of aesthetic ones. Nature photos show things worth aesthetic reflection. These photos are usually about the wondrous aspects of different visual forms. For most people, this genre is the most familiar genre in "artistic photography". In nature photography things are mostly represented in a splendid manner.

Negar Yaghmaian presents to us poetic images of nature which are nearly abstract. Her precise lighting and thoughtful rendering of dark and light areas at times cause a visual illusion about the texture and the nature of the subject. Her forms in general achieve their aesthetic effect through voids and empty backgrounds. Her sparse and simple compositions with their concentration create a quiet and relaxing space for our meditation. In her meaningful planes the artist presents her subjects in a specific time and space and eventually in an abstract form. Seeing, seeing and looking, a momentary reflection and then nothing. From this viewpoint, one could call Negar Yaghmaian's photos photographical haikus.

Zarvan Roohbakhshan